Elementary Speech Class

Elementary School Speech Course

Libertas Academy



Most children like to talk. They talk about their favorite things: movies, family, friends, video games, theme park rides, authors, and the birthday party they’re planning months in advance. But when it comes to sharing their views, passions, fears and beliefs – especially in front of a group — many children (and adults!) shrink back. They often worry about what others will think or wonder if the group will make them feel foolish. Consequently, they sometimes feel motivated to genuinely communicate only if their emotions are attached to their words.

This course will not be your average speech class. Using role plays; short dramatic presentations; interviews of friends or family; in-class one on one learning opportunities; both spontaneous and planned debates; and assigned writings for sharing with the class, students will learn to understand why “important” talk is important. Why do they need to know what they believe about a topic well enough to talk to others about it? What prevents them from feeling comfortable or confident enough to say what they think, even if their view is not shared by others? What is the process of working through nervousness and experiencing the joy of speaking in front of a group? What is important and unimportant when trying to persuade, instruct, provide explanation to or ask questions of another person?

In short, the class will learn to talk about the talk, and hopefully gain a vision for the gift of communication for now and in their future. The curriculum will be compiled by Sheree at the cost of $40 per student.

Sheree Phillips has been speaking publically since she was volunteered by her husband, Benny, to teach Sunday School to 7th graders in the mid 1970’s. Her reluctance to talk in front of groups has been slowly replaced over many years with a love for communication that has found her speaking at women’s conferences and retreats, homeschooling conventions, and countless women’s meetings. As the former homeschooling mom of seven, Sheree is passionate about teaching children to value communication and is excited about becoming a part of the Libertas faculty next year.


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