Online Highschool Course

ONLINE Church History and Philosophy Course

9th-12th Grade


(1/2 credit for 1st semester Church History and ½ credit for 2nd semester Philosophy)


A History of the Christian Church


I love the study of Church History because it brings together two of my greatest passions, the study of history and the study of the church.  Why study church history?  I can think of four good reasons.


1)  It helps us understand the Bible, its interpretation and application to our lives.  It is the story of God’s dealing in the lives of His people and their response to Him.  And since human nature has not changed, the drama and flow of the history of the church has relevance for us today.

2)  It helps us understand doctrine.  The doctrine of the Trinity, for instance, or the doctrine of Christ, is He divine?  How were these questions resolved?

3)  It helps us understand the roots of today’s church.  Why do certain churches emphasize certain practices and believe what they believe while others don’t?

4)  It helps us guard against error, both in doctrine and life.  How we can stay faithful to what the Bible teaches and how to live lives consistent with all that it says.


This course will be a brief overview of key issues and circumstances that have helped shape and influence the world we live in and give us a better handle on why it is important to maintain the faith of the church fathers.


A Brief Overview of Western Philosophical Thought


The word “philosophy” comes to us from the combination of two Greek words, “to love” and “wisdom”.  The search for wisdom and truth has almost always been the curiosity of man. No study of Western Civilization is complete without a study of the ideas that shaped it.  Ideas, belief systems, explanations of how we actually get knowledge and “wisdom”  all have consequence on culture, politics and religions.


In this course we will examine some of the major philosophers and philosophies that have shaped our lives and culture. What do their ideas and belief systems look like now, in our lives and practices.  How are they influencing us in ways that we are aware and unaware?


This course will be very interactive and conversational.  There will be lectures, but every class will feature time for interaction, questions and discussion in an online group format.


This course will help us better understand what great thinkers were saying and help us to see things in different ways.  It will provide a precise and condensed summary of Western philosophical concepts and arguments. 


BOOK NEEDED: Consequence of Ideas by R.C. Sproul


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Benny Phillips earned his Bachelor of Arts in History from George Mason University in 1977.  He has pastored several churches in the Washington D.C. and Orlando areas, and is currently the senior pastor of Redeemer Church at Lake Nona.  He has been an active member of the homeschooling community for over 30 years, and homeschooled all 7 of his children.  He served as the principal of The Regent Academy from 2004-2011



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