Libertas Academy Debate and Logic

Below is information on one of the classes we are offering this year.  For more information visit or email

Debate & Logic

A Study of Argument, Logic, Speech and Debate for Middle School Students

Argument! Why would I want to teach my kids to argue? By “argument” we do not mean an emotional quarrel or petty squabble, but rather a reasoned case for or against a point of view. The Argument Builder focuses on enabling students to build compelling and persuasive arguments. Students first study the logical structure of good arguments and then study how to use several lines of argument to build their own with the use of examples, analogy, comparison, testimony, and statistics.

What are the Secrets of Great Communicators? Long ago, the vital skill of speaking well, or “elocution,” was considered an essential part of every citizen’s basic education. Sadly the art of speaking well has faded as a required subject in most schools, but it should not be a missing element in our students’ education.    Via the Secrets of Great Communicators we will study the ways of Moses, Isaiah, and Paul in the Bible as well as Martin Luther, Winston Churchill, Mother Teresa, Billy Graham, Ronald Reagan, and more!

The Art of Eloquence or Say What You Mean! A fun and easy way to study beginning debate. Say What You Mean: Beginning Debate creates an inviting environment in which to study the often intimidating topic of debate in a format that is both comfortable and exciting. Students will learn the formal rules of debate and learn to defend both sides of an issue as they grow in their confidence to speak in public.






Grades 5-8



The Argument Builder by Shelley Johnson (Classical Academic Press)

The Secrets of Great Communicators Student Text by Jeff Myers

Say What you Mean: Beginning Debate (The Art of Eloquence) – purchased as class for group discount

3-Ring Binder with lined paper, page protectors and at least 6 dividers


Materials Fee:

$35 per student – Includes the DVD lessons, handouts, testing and MORE!

“Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.”


Proverbs 18:21


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