Public Speaking – Libertas Academy

This year Libertas will be offering a public speaking class for upper elementary and middle school.  I am personally extremely excited for this new course!  For more information email

The Art of Argument + Speech Boot Camp

An Introduction to Logic & the Skill of Public Speaking

Argument?! Why would I want to teach my kids to argue? By “argument” we do not mean an emotional quarrel or petty squabble, which may be the first thing that comes to mind when many hear the word. By “argument” we mean a reasoned case for or against a point of view that includes reasons for or against it. There is a very important art to this particular practice of persuasion. And being able to see the fallacies in the arguments of another is of great benefit in life! The Art of Argument is an introduction to this art and to the twenty-eight fallacies of logic usually only taught to college-age students.

What is Speech Boot Camp? Long ago, the vital skill of speaking well, or “elocution,” was considered an essential part of every citizen’s basic education, enabling the average man or woman to not only reason soundly but to present ideas in an intelligent, persuasive way. Sadly the art of speaking well has faded as a required subject in most schools, but it should not be a missing element in our students’ formation.

Speech Boot Camp is a short but powerful public speaking intensive designed to give students confidence with public speaking – an essential skill, vital for those who would pursue a future in teaching, in leadership, in entrepreneurship, in nearly any profession. Assuming no previous experience, this course introduces the most important basic concepts for organizing and presenting a speech, giving ample opportunity for practice, and teaching students how to effectively critique and encourage each other.


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