Homeschool Support for Mom

I wanted to share an exciting new program for the homeschool program Libertas Academy.

Home education puts the natural focus on the children: What’s best for them?  How can we moms insure that their education includes both academics and discipleship? Who are the best teachers and students to supplement our family’s influence in their lives in a co-op environment?  How can we best invest into both their minds and hearts in preparation for an adult life of service to God and others?
All loving moms make sacrifices no matter which academic choice we make for our children. But face it, choosing home education is a life of 24/7 schooling which requires far more than making sure they can read, write and do math. Assuming the comprehensive responsibility for being not just mom but also teacher, principle and guidance counselor for your kids is a life laid down day after sometimes exhausting day.
This means the kids shouldn’t be the only ones on the home education radar screen. Mom has needs, too.
ilove you
Libertas has invited Sheree Phillips to spend regular times with our teacher-moms this coming year. Having homeschooled her 7 children through high school, Sheree knows both the joys and challenges of our daily lives. Her passion for home education hasn’t waned, but her desire to support, encourage and mentor homeschooling moms has only grown since her youngest graduated in 2011. Her 40 years of experience caring for and mentoring women as a pastor’s wife adds to her ability to understand our needs. Sheree will be meeting with Libertas moms for informal and interactive times to share her heart and experience, and to pray for and support us throughout the year. I know you will each benefit because Sheree is also the woman who home educated me for twelve years. I’m excited about Libertas moms benefiting from the care, counsel and encouragement I regularly receive from my Mom.
This aspect of our ministry here at Libertas is going to add a new dimension to our ministry to homeschooling families.  We want to not just provide education supplements to your Home School but also personal care and support through the process. Details will be coming soon about these meetings.
If you would like more information about Libertas, or “Libertas Moms”  please visit or email

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