Middle School and Elementary History

Here are a couple history classes coming up at Libertas Academy for the 2015-2016 school year. For more information, email libertasacademyorlando@gmail.com


3rd and 4th

Join us on a journey into the past! This history course, designed for students in grades 3-4, will cover history from creation through the middle ages. We will utilize Susan Wise Bauer’s award winning Story of the World Books, volumes one and two. In addition, required materials will include the Story of the World Activity Guides. The book is also available in audio format for those who might be interested.


World history is not just dates, events, and revolutions – it’s the story of God revealing Himself to mankind. It’s the story of people. The epic story of mankind is still being told! In this course we will utilize Mystery of History volumes I and II as we explore history from the time of creation up through the middle ages. Volumes I and II of Mystery of History will be required. An optional reading list will also be provided for those who want to delve deeper.

The curriculum is structured with an emphasis on reading, writing, and research. In addition, numerous options are provided to address all the learning styles. By keeping a growing timeline and a Student Notebook divided by continents, students will able to pull together what was happening when and where.


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