Eagle School Chemistry/Geology Class

For more information on the class below, please email jherron@pccaeagles.org.  All Eagle School classes are held at Conway First Baptist Church at the corner of Gatlin Road and Conway Road in Orlando, FL.

Science Rocks!

A Hands-On Study of Chemistry and Geology


Grades:  5th-7th

We live on a huge treasure chest full of riches that we use every day. It’s called planet Earth.  It’s important to understand what these riches are and how they work together and impact our lives.

In this class, we will see how wonderfully God created the earth, learn more about what He created and observe how it behaves. Class time will be devoted to experiments while introducing and discussing new topics. Homework will include reading assignments, question/answer pages and optional at-home experiments.  Approximately one-third of the course will focus on Geology, two-thirds will focus on Chemistry.

Required Resources:

Usborne Science Encyclopedia & Mysteries & Marvels of Science

$25 lab fee per semester

three ring binder with dividers

Questions about the format of the class email amyreilly@hotmail.come

Questions about pricing email jherron@pccaeagles.org


Elementary US History

Elementary  US History/Geography (K-2)

Travel back in time and explore U.S. history and patriotic symbols from a Christian perspective with fascinating stories, hands-on activities, a timeline, and a student created history notebook. One of our main goals this year is to learn the 50 states and their capitals.


Materials needed:


Our 50 States

Children’s Encyclopedia of American History

States and Capitals CD

3 – ring binder with tabs

Student State Sheets

$20 Supply Fee




Most of the tutoring time will be spent doing hands on activities & projects.  I gather all the supplies needed and do all the clean up!   This year we will also complete a United States notebook.

I will be sending home reading assignments and suggested library books if you are interested in spending more time on this at home.


 Teacher Contact Information:


    Taraleigh Davis

407-782-8022  taraleighdavis@gmail.com

Eagle School Kindergarten Program

Eagle School Homeschool Program

Kindergarten Class Fall 2013

Mondays 9-3:30 p.m.

We are happy to announce the Eagle School has a full day Kindergarten program. Our mission is to provide each family with a positive “classroom” experience while helping their children to grow spiritually, socially and academically. Our curriculum will include the IEW PAL reading program, Strategies for Writers, Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons, Handwriting Without Tears, science, social studies and a combination of Saxon and Singapore for Math. We will also incorporate Friday Field Trips as part of our program.

Our teacher

Amber Fife graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Childhood Development and is certified to teach K-3. She has taught VPK and Kindergarten for 6 years. She is a mother of three beautiful children, Adelina 9, Aidan 7 and Addison 7 months. She is very excited about teaching our kindergarten class and strives to make her classroom full of fun hands-on activities where each child’s interests are developed and nurtured. She enjoys reading, singing and art activities in the classroom and wants it to be a fun filled year.


For more information on the reading/language arts program, see the following link: http://www.excellenceinwriting.com/pal-rc

For more information, please contact Jaime at jherron@pccaeagles.org

HS Chemistry

Below is information on high school science offered at PCCA Eagle School.  Biology and General Science also available.  All classes subject to change based on enrollment. Please email jherron@pccaeagles.org with any questions!


 1.0 High School Credit with Lab Component

In order to be able to understand this text, the student needs to have completed algebra I. This course is designed to be a first-year high school chemistry course and gives the student a rigorous foundation in chemistry, in order to prepare him or her for a college-level course. The course covers significant figures, units, classification, the mole concept, stoichiometry, thermochemistry, thermodynamics, kinetics, acids and bases, redox reactions, solutions, atomic structure, Lewis structures, molecular geometry, the gas laws, and equilibrium.

Materials needed:


     Exploring Creation With Chemistry, 2nd Edition, Apologia


Solutions and Test Booklet

CD-ROM Companion

3-Ring Binder (1 ½”)

College Ruled Paper

Tab dividers numbered 1-16

100-3×5 lined index cards

Basic scientific calculator – Texas Instruments TI-30XIIS (about $15)



     Students will be expected to read the material and do some assignments in preparation for class.

Tutoring time will be spent discussing the more difficult concepts and performing experiments.

After class, students will be expected to review the material and check all of their assignments.

Tests will be taken at home and then brought back to class to the teacher for grading. In addition,

lab reports will be completed at home and then returned to the teacher for grading.

Grading Procedure:


     Test grades will comprise 65% of the grade.

Lab reports will comprise 35% of the grade.

Teacher Contact Information:


     Julie Brackin