Math in Focus 1st-3rd

Math in Focus

Hands-on Fun with Singapore Math

Join us for a fun year of math!  We will be basing the class on the Singapore Math in Focus curriculum.


Class time will be devoted to manipulative fun, activities, and introduction of topics. You may choose to use this class as a supplement to the math curriculum you already enjoy, or you may choose to use Math in Focus as your main curriculum. Homework, for students doing this course as a supplement, will be worksheets and activities to reinforce various math concepts.  Homework, for students who choose to use this class as their main curriculum, will include worksheets, tests, and varied reinforcing activities.  I will look over their work and help the students with any concepts they are struggling with and assign extra practice where needed.


Math in Focus®Singapore Math by Marshall Cavendish embodies the best practices that have propelled Singapore students to the top of international comparison studies.  Math in Focus provides world-class mathematics instruction that meets the specific needs of U.S. students.


Grades 1-3


Academic Year:



Required Resources:

Varies based on grade and how you are using the class.

Using as main math curriculum: Textbook for both semesters, workbook for both semesters, and assessments book. (Can be purchased used or new)

Using as supplement: See materials fee.


For more information on grade placement, email Jaime at


Lab & Materials Fee:

$50 for students using class as a supplement


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