Eagle School Open House

Pine Castle Christian Academy Eagle School is now open for enrollment for the 2013-2014 school year.  We will continue to meet on Mondays at Conway First Baptist at the corner of Conway and Gatlin.
Eagle School offers classes for 1st-12th grade. We are also introducing a half day K3-K4 program and a full day Kindergarten program that will cover all core subjects.  Offerings for 1st-12th include science, math, history, writing and various others. PCCA offers many opportunities for sports, drama and band as well.
Pine Castle Christian has an umbrella for home school students that is fully accredited through ACSI and SACS.  Although it is not a requirement for taking classes,  the covering is a wonderful option for those who desire it.  Those who are under the umbrella will be able to take part in all ASCI events including the spelling bee and math Olympics.
There will be an open house on Sunday, March 3rd, at 3pm, at the PCCA day school (7101 Lake Ellenor Drive Orlando, FL).  For more information on classes, covering, or the open house, please email Jaime Herron at jherron@pccaeagles.org.



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