Fall 2012 Sports




Finishing up sports for the fall and getting ready for winter.  We will only have one in a winter sport, thankfully, but this will likely be the last year we are so lucky.  As my kids get older, I have to come the reality that I will live some of the week in my van.  I do look forward to this, mostly because of all the treasured memories I have of that time growing up.  Some of the best times of my younger years was the hundreds of car rides anticipating a game, being with the people I loved most, and cheering for a sibling.


I was sad when we all grew up and there were no more games to watch, but now am realizing I get to live this all over again with my own children.

These little people make me so happy.



One thought on “Fall 2012 Sports

  1. I agree, I can still get teary when I think of the 15 passenger van full of kids (mine and others) going to games; singing along with the radio; eating snacks; laughing. And complaining about the refs all the way home. :-( So glad I have lots of LIttle People to watch kick, throw, pass and shoot for many years to come!

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