Curriculum Choices

I have had many people ask what I am doing with my kids this coming Fall.  Below are my choices for each child.

Kayla.  Entering 5th grade.

Abeka 6th Math and Singapore 5A and 5B.  Kayla just finished Saxon 65.  She did well, but overall was about a B student.  Ironically her standardized testing showed her to be way above average (and even stellar in some areas) in math even though I would have thought this was one of her hardest subjects.  I decided to do 6th grade math again (since she is only entering 5th) and solidify some concepts.  She is currently working through A Key To Series for the summer.

History/Literature: Sonlight Core F.  She will be taking a class at Pine Castle Eagle School on Mondays for this as well.

Language Arts:  Abeka and some Easy Grammar if needed.

Science: Apologia Zoology.  This will be taken at PCCA Eagle School as well.

Writing:  IEW through PCCA

Kayla requested a while back to do Latin.  She knows a couple of kids who do it and I figure that it may be good to help with vocabulary and grammar as well.  We will be doing Latin for Children A and she will be working with a friend of mine.  We may do this for two years, and after that, PJ would like to her start German.

Building Thinking Skills 2

Wyatt.  Entering 2nd.

Math:  Math in Focus 2A and 2B. Doing Singapore worksheets for extra practice.  I am excited to try this math.  I have been doing SIngapore with him and he does very well, but this has a lot more ideas for games, teaching suggestions, practice, and keeps with the standards for each grade.  Wyatt picks up on math very easily, so it is hard keeping things hard enough the the doesn’t get bored, but fun enough that he doesn’t get bored.  We will see how it goes.

History:  My Fathers World Countries and Cultures along with Galloping the Globe.  Taking a class at PCCA to go along with this.

Literature:  Sonlight 3rd grade readers.

Language Arts:  Abeka

Science: Apologia Zoology. PCCA class.

Writing:  IEW 2nd grade class at PCCA

Song School Latin

Building Thinking Skills 1

Anniston (entering K) and Danae (entering pre-K)

Math:  Singapore Earlybird.  I plan on transitioning her to Math in Focus 1 when she is ready.  She loves math, but I want to be extremely gentle for now until I know she is ready to move on. We have worked through the first book of Horizons K this year, but I want to transition to Singapore for a while.

History:  Same as Wyatt

Science:  Same as Wyatt

Phonics/Reading:  Abeka

Building Thinking Skills Beginning

For all of them I will be using Apologia Bible.

I realize that at any moment I can change this.  The curriculum that I am most certain about is Sonlight.  We have stayed with them for a few years now and love it more and more as each year passes. To cut down on the cost of all of this,  I utilize what I already have (passing down from kid to kid), the library, friends who have good deals, and buy what I think I will want for years to come.

I am one of those who really do not mind admitting when something is terrible and ditching it.  Part of the reason I homeschool is for all of us to enjoy ourselves and to instill a LOVE of learning.  As the years go on, I do learn more and more about each child and their learning style, which makes decisions a little easier.  I do prepare for changes throughout the year and don’t mind making them. There are times where something needs to be changed and there are times that I have to make them push through difficulties with certain subjects/curriculum.  The hard part is knowing which is best in a particular season.

I admire all of the families who started homeschooling around the time I was a kid and only had a couple choices for curriculum.  Although, maybe that would have made things a little easier.  :-)


7 thoughts on “Curriculum Choices

  1. Hi there! I stumbled across your blog via google, so I hope you don’t mind me asking some advice? I am planning to take our children out of private school and homeschool them starting in the fall. They will be going into Kindergarten and 2nd grade. I feel good about starting my K with singapore math, since she is starting from scratch, but my upcoming 2nd grader will be coming from Abeka Math. She makes very good grades in Abeka, but when I looked at the Math in Focus and Singapore Math’s placement tests, it seems like she is WAY behind. should I just stick with Abeka for her or try to switch to MIF or Singapore? Thanks!!!

    • I think that is totally up to what you think your child would do better with. The upcoming 2nd is young enough to “start over” with a new math. You could do the placement test for either one and see where they fit. Or start at 1st and fly through the first couple years in one year to get the basic concepts of Singapore down. MIF has been one of my favorite new curriculums for this year. It is the Singapore approach, but much more user friendly. My son did Horizons for K and 1st and MIF this year for 2nd. He loves it and I love it. My K daughter did K Singapore (since I didn’t want to pay for K MIF), flew through it in one semester, so we started MIF earlier this month for her second semester of Kindergarten. Again, loving it.

      If your child enjoys Abeka math, and you are worried about switching them, stick with it. I hear it is a good program until middle school. On the other hand, like I mentioned before, it would be a very easy switch to MIF because they are still so young. Or Singapore. MIF is a personal preference thing for me.

  2. I cannot thank you enough for your quick reply!!! It was wonderful!! I had actually looked at math in focus and am super interested. Especially if it’s more user friendly. One more quick question- how much prep work does math in focus require? Since I’ll be new to homeschooling, I am afraid of getting bogged down. Thank you sooo much for your help!!

    • Not a lot of prep work at all. Rainbow Resource has manipulative kits for MIF you can order. The teachers manual is very user friendly. I use homeschool tracker to keep track of the kids assignments. The MIF teachers manual, at the beginning of each chapter, have the entire chapter of assignments (1-3 weeks worth) and what you should do each day, what pages the kids will do etc. For example: Day 1, Workbook pages 1-3, Teachers guide pages 3-5 etc etc. So easy. I throw that in homeschool tracker online and am set for a couple of weeks.
      Permalink: this post shows more of my organization and how I create folders for the kids. Yours may still be a little young, but just FYI. Hopefully that answered your question!

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