Pine Castle Christian Guitar and Music Theory/History Class

Information on a great opportunity!  James Tschannen will be teaching a high school class for Music Theory. He is also offering a guitar class for all ages.  Below is his bio and information on the theory class.

James Tschannen was born and raised on the Space Coast of Central Florida.  He began playing guitar at the age of 10, and soon began playing with his church’s worship band.  James entered Stetson University as a guitar major on a music performance scholarship in 2009 to study with Stephen Robinson.  While at Stetson he was recognized for his academic and musical excellence, winning the Outstanding Freshman and Outstanding Sophomore awards and graduating with a GPA of 3.9/4.0 in 2009.  While at Stetson James began teaching, first private students, and then at Professor Messer Music in DeLand, and Avalon School and Music Center in Orlando, where he was awarded “Teacher of the Year” in 2009.  In 2009 James attended Middle Tennessee State University where he received a graduate teaching assistantship and studied under William Yelverton.  While at MTSU James taught private lessons, class guitar, performance class, and coached guitar ensembles.  He graduated with his MA in music in 2011 and moved to Central Florida.  James continues to teach guitar at Seminole State College and Avalon School of Music.

Music Theory


 1.0 High School Credit



This college prep course is designed for students who have a basic understanding of music reading and some musical skills.  It prepares students for college level theory and ear training courses.  This class covers the basics of music notation, harmony, part writing, and ear training.  It emphasizes the importance of being able to spell chords, scales, and key signatures from memory.  It also deals with ear training, teaching students to dictate chords, melodies, and rhythms upon hearing them. 


Materials needed:


     Tonal Harmony, Mcgraw Hill



     Music for Ear Training  2nd edition, CD-ROM and workbook.

3-Ring Binder (1 ½”)

          College Ruled Paper




     Students will be expected to read material in Tonal Harmony and complete assignments in the workbook and in the ear training workbook.  Time in class will be spent explaining theory concepts, and practicing  rhythmic, melodic, and harmonic dictation.  The final project for the class will be to set line of text to music using  SATB voices, functional harmony, and proper part writing technique.  There will also be tests taken in class as well as graded homework.


Grading Procedure:


     Test grades will comprise 60% of the grade.

     Homework will comprise  20% of the grade

     The final project will comprise 20% of the grade.



Teacher Contact Information:


     James Tschannen



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