Pine Castle Homeschooling – HS Bible Doctrines




COURSE DESCRIPTION:  In this course we will be taking a general look at systematic theology and the importance of Christian doctrine.  Our desire is to deepen our love for theology and the scripture while gaining a hunger for deeper study of the important doctrinal and theological themes of scripture.


This course is divided into two semesters, each one ½ high school credit.  It can serve as an elective, religious or humanities requirement.



Basic Theology I



BIBLIOLOGY: The Doctrine of Scripture

We will take a look at the importance and nature of God’s Word as well as the various characteristics of Scripture.  These issues are critical in our day.  What are the claims of scripture on our lives and how do we respond.


THEOLOGY: The Doctrine of God

We will be discussing the existence of God, His attributes and how He rules the universe.  We will look at general revelation and special revelation and it’s impact on us.


CHRISTOLOGY: The Doctrine of Christ

This is the study of Christ, who He is and the nature and content of the gospel.  This includes the basic understanding of God’s plan for man’s redemption.  The doctrine of salvation (Soteriology) will be covered in Basic Theology II. 


PNEUMATOLOGY: The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit

In this study of the third person of the Trinity we will discover who the person of the Holy Spirit is and His characteristics.  We will discuss the nature, role and work of the Holy Spirit.  We will see what his mission is and how we are to understand His activity in our lives.



Basic Theology II



ANTHROPOLOGY:  The Doctrine of Man

This week covers the origin of man, the fall and its’ results.  Two distinctions must be made between biblical anthropology and modern, secular anthropology.  We will look at what the bible teaches about man and his sin.





SOTERIOLOGY: The Doctrine of Salvation

Whereas Christology covers the life, death, resurrection and exaltation of Christ, Soteriology covers what Christ’s death and resurrection accomplished for fallen mankind.  Topics such as faith, repentance, justification, regeneration and adoption will be discussed.



ECCLESIOLOGY: The Doctrine of the Church

The word “ecclesiology” is derived from the Greek word for church “ekklesia”.  The word is first found in Matthew 16 when Christ promised to give his power to the church.  The doctrine of the church covers the Bible’s use of the word church, its characteristics, leadership and ordinances and mission.



ESCHATOLOGY: The Doctrine of Last Things

The study of last things or “end times” as it is sometimes referred to is an important yet commonly misunderstood and misapplied doctrine.  In this study we will look at two Biblical catagories.  Personal Eschatology which deals with life after death and our eternal state as well as General Eschatology dealing with the various end time theories.



Text:  BIBLE DOCTRINES                      Wayne Grudem, edited by Jeff Purswell



Benny Phillips earned his Bachelor of Arts in History from George Mason University in 1977.  He has pastored several churches in the Washington D.C. and Orlando areas, and is currently the senior pastor at Redeemer Church of Lake Nona.  He has been an active member of the homeschooling community for over 30 years, and homeschooled all 7 of his children.  He served as the principal of The Regent Academy from 2004-2011.


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