Pine Castle Homeschooling World History/Geography

Taraleigh Davis will also be teaching Elementary and Middle School World History/Geography.  You can see her bio on yesterdays post.  My kids are very much looking forward to her classes this year.  Here is one of them:

Upper Elementary/Middle (4-8)  (History/Geography)


Take a trip starting in the South Pacific, through Australia, up to Japan, through southeast Asia, India, China, the Middle East and, eventually, to North Africa. This is a cultural study that acquaints your children with the fascinating peoples and nations of the East. As we move from region to region,we will study a subset of history at each stop and get lots of practice researching and mapping.


Materials needed:


Eastern Hemisphere Student Exploration Pages, Sonlight

2011 World Book Encyclopedia DVD




Most of the tutoring time will be spent doing hands on activities & projects.  I gather all the supplies needed and do all the clean up! We also will be completing  Student Exploration Pages, Maps, and a timeline.  The student will be required to complete assignments and research projects.

This class was inspired by Sonlight Core F. It is NOT a requirement for this class, but I will be sending home reading assignments and suggested library books if you are interested in spending more time on this at home.


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