That Time of Year

Around April/May I start losing motivation for continuing school for the rest of the year. On the other hand, I want to begin to research what to do next year. What classes will they take at the homeschooling program, what will they do at home, what do we like, not like etc. etc.

I find it difficult to not want to change stuff around each year for school and even life in general.  Perhaps it is our culture.  Getting bored with things quickly and wanting something new.  Thankfully, I have found a few school choices we fell in love with, have stayed in love with, and have continued with for a couple of years.

One is Sonlight.  I may do a better review down the road, but I will continue with this for history.  I love it, my kids love it, and I love how we just read, read, read about history.   Another choice I am still extremely happy with is Apologia science.  Super fun and the kids can do it together.  I just supplement some with Kayla if I feel the need.  I usually choose to put them in a homeschooling class for this.  That way they can make sure and do all the cool activities to go along with it.  My friend Tara will be teaching this year as well as a course to go along with Sonlight.

One change I may make this year is bible.  Thinking of switching to this.  I hope to have a review of this sometime soon by someone who has used it and loved it.

Still working on decisions for math.  Maybe Abeka.  Although I plan on doing SIngapore in the summer with the kids to change things up. I always do some math in the summer, so we don’t play catch up the first few months of the actual school year, but I change the curriculum so they don’t complain as much.  They all thought Singapore was a fun game when I pulled it out earlier, so yes, we will be playing fun games through the summer.

For language arts, I plan on using a variety of curriculum.  Writing will be an IEW class, grammar may be a combo of Abeka and Easy Grammar.  Still working that out.

Now to  muster up the motivation to continue with what we are doing THIS year.  We are on the homestretch!


2 thoughts on “That Time of Year

  1. I love the Apologia Bible and enjoyed it so much this year!!! I think you will really like it. it worked well for all of my kids and I got the coloring books for the younger 2 so that they could color the picture that went along with the story while I read them. Then Kate did the assignments. We really loved doing that together!

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