A Beka Reviews?

After much research, I am debating on switching to A Beka math for my kids.  I have used mostly Saxon so far for my 4th grader and my second child is only going into 2nd grade.  I have decided that Saxon may be great for the upper math levels, but it does not fit my kids right now. For many reasons.

I have settled on some curriculum over the years that I absolutely love, but math is something we have not found the perfect fit yet. I would love to find something I can stick with (especially with my younger kids) to make sure there are not any gaps over the years to come.

Has anyone out there used A Beka?  What do you think of the math for Elementary?  If you have used language arts, I would love to hear a little about that as well.  Just because I am curious.  :-)


5 thoughts on “A Beka Reviews?

  1. Various replies via Facebook

    Kara: My Mom used A Beka on me in the very beginning, but then quickly figured out that she’d rather use several different curriculums for different subjects. She loved A Beka for History and used it almost all the way through. But she prefered Saxon for Math. You could ask her what she recommends now for the lower grades of math. She still teaches a lot of homeschool kids even though her kids are mostly grown

    Colleen: My experience was decades ago but I used A Beka for the early grades and then switched to Saxon at about 5th grade.

    Deniece: I use A Beka lifepacs for certain subjects, have for years (started with Kevin) and love it. Colvin (6th gr) and Nessa (2nd) are currently doing the Math and Language Arts, they both like them. I highly reccommend. And I like that you can order by subject (complete with Teacher Manual) or by indivigual lifepac. That’s been helpful with the three boys in a row, I just replenish the lifepacs. If you decide to use it, order via phone instead of online, they are super friendly and helpful.

    Amy: I used it after using saxon and liked it o.k. I don’t think it includes enough though. I felt like it was lacking in some areas of geometry that saxon seemed to have more of. It definitely didn’t prepare my kids for what they were gonna have in school, that’s for sure.
    Reading was weak as well. If you stick with it all the way through then I think it may work but I’d not use their phonics program again. Chloe reads way better even at the end of kindergarden then my other two did that used abeka. They still struggle with reading comprehension. I don’t think they got a good base with abeka in that.

    Deniece: I agree with Amy in regards to the higher grades of Math, it’s thorough for the elementary grades, though. After 6th grade my boys go into co-op classes. As for the reading, I didn’t use their phonics, I used Professor Phonics with all my kids (thanks to your mom and I’m sure she’s got you using it, too :) Did you know it’s back in print?? I used a photo copied, stapled together one with my three older boys and then ordered a new one that I used for Colvin and Vanessa) Then I start them with 1st grade Language Arts. They’re all avid readers and all read above their grade level.

    Praise: Teaching textbooks for math is so much better than abeka!!! I highly recommend it.

    Ginny: Sorry. We use math u see

  2. You know I used Abeka for lots of stuff when you were young. I loved how comprehensive it was. When Saxon became the rage I switched to that, but by that time you already hated math. :-) I can see your point in it not being the best for younger kids, but because they didn’t have it for younger ages when I was homeschooling in the elementary years, I can’t comment.

    I do know that Math U See was not a good choice for my kids. I did it with 2 or 3 kids in the middle school years, but when Jesse and Joey transitioned to high school math at a Christian school for 10th/11th grade, they had some definite holes that we had to work on. That school used Saxon after years of researching various options.

    I used Teaching Textbooks with Julia for Geo and wished I had known about it for her younger years. It was great to have him talk through the lesson, then show you what was happening on the computer screen. I don’t know about his Algebra series but the geometry was good, in my opinion. In the younger grades, it could be a good option, especially for kids who do better “seeing” things rather than just being taught by a book.

  3. I can see how Math U See would have holes if you don’t use it all the way through. Instead of a spiral approach, it goes through small amounts of information over and over each year. Alpha is addition (1st grade) Beta is subtraction (2nd) etc. I can see how that would work if you knew you were going to stick with it forever, but I didn’t want to make that assumption.

    I tried teaching textbooks for Kayla, but because it was automatically graded, she found ways of cheating the system. :-) It gave her chances of doing things and she would guess and figure out how to answer without actually grasping the concept. There are people who LOVE Teaching Textbooks though. Not great for Kayla. We stopped about 1/4 of the way through because I realized she was guessing and not retaining anything. She is too much like me. It drives me crazy.

    More than likely I will be back to Saxon in Algebra. We will see. One year at a time.

  4. I used ABeka for the early years but in Math 3rd grade they did alot and we switched to Teaching Textbooks starting 4th. ABeka was doing long division in 3rd grade!?!? So approx 3/4 the way thru we made the switch and the change was very good. Unless you have one that is strong in math. You can’t beat ABeka for K5,1st,2nd,3rd!! We used it for everything and my kids are great readers/writers because of the Phonics, and their writing skill are excellent (they are 8th and 6th).
    I do still like the History, Science, Language. I made the mistake with my oldest of changing everything but wish I had not and am back. It is hard on the kids changing because of how all the companies do things differently.

  5. Thank you for your thoughts, Barb. I am what some call a curriculum junkie and seem to always be finding new great things and wanting to try them. My oldest is going into 5th/6th and I feel like she has been the victim of all of this. I want to find something and stick with it now and not do this again with my rising 2nd, K, and preschooler. I appreciate your feedback. It is very helpful!

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