Spring Break

This week is our official Spring break, but since we choose to break randomly throughout the year, we are not taking the entire week off.  We will still be making sure to do fun things like this.  Maybe a little of that.  Certainly lots of this. 

I asked each of my kids what Spring break is.  Separately, of course, so they would not feed off of each other.  I was curious if my poor, naive, home educated children even know the significance of Spring break to most people.  Here are their answers.

Danae (just turned 4 years old) – It broke?  Spring?  What is Spring?

Anniston (5 years old) – It means taking a break from Spring.  It means it is Summer.  Wait…if it is summer that means it’s my birthday!!  Is it my birthday????

(That turned into a disappointing discussion)

Wyatt (just turned 7 years old) – It means we don’t do school for the Spring!!

(Also a disappointing conversation)

Kayla (10 years old) – It should mean no school, but of course that is not true for us.  (said in a very whiny voice that should not come from a 10 year old)

So there you have it.  What I learned from my poll are a couple of things.

1. Today I will teach Danae the seasons.

2.  No matter how awesome of a mother and teacher you are, your kids will most likely not always think so.  Even after reminding them of ALL the times they get to take breaks from school when other children do not, they still think I am the worst ever for making them do a little work during Spring break. I just hope one day they will think I am sort of awesome… every once in a while…maybe.

3. Never bring up Spring break unless I plan to have one.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday!


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